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Flightlab’s Upset Recovery and Basic Aerobatics Program was developed by test pilots, military instructors, and aerobatic competition pilots. Students explore the characteristics of aircraft flown outside the normal attitude and stability envelopes. We teach all-attitude airmanship, in a program that’s challenging, safe, and fun.

Flightlab features an in-depth ground school that contains elements of the training a test pilot receives. It’s supported by our own extensive aerodynamics study materials—which you can download from this website. In the air, we use tufted wings and actual flight-test techniques to demonstrate aircraft handling and departure characteristics. We use training methods from military and competition aerobatics to build attitude perception and upset-recovery skills. The program gives students a comprehensive understanding of aircraft behavior ranging from basic stability characteristics to complex spins.

Students can fly and compare two different aircraft especially suited to unusual-attitude training: a Zlin 242 and a Marchetti SF 260.

Zlin over Plymouth Airport, Massachusetts (click on image)


           We initially selected Flightlab and Bill Crawford based on our review of websites offering upset recovery training. The Flightlab website demonstrates a very substantial background in upset recovery, aerobatics, aerodynamics, spin characteristics, and flight-test procedure.

Two of our pilots visited Flightlab's facility in Massachusetts to determine if the training and level of safety met the requirements of Bombardier Lear. We attended the entire ground school and found the course material to be exceptionally thorough and well presented. In addition, we flew several training sorties, including spin flights, and were impressed by Bill’s instructional skill. We found the aircraft well suited to our training needs.

Bill has now given more than sixty hours of dual, unusual attitude flight instruction to Bombardier Lear flight-test personnel. We have been very satisfied with his program and would recommend him to any individual or organization recognizing the value of unusual attitude training and a genuinely knowledgeable instructor.

Rod Hoctor, Senior Manager
Production Flight Test & Flight Sciences
Bombardier Learjet
Wichita, Kansas

SIAI Marchetti  SF 260 (click on image)

M26 Airwolf (click on image)

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