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M26 tufted wing
9.5 MB MOV
(Classic, well behaved root-to-tip stall pattern.)Video_files/M%2026%20tufted%20wing%20in%20right%20spin.movhttp://news.google.com/shapeimage_2_link_0
Zlin aileron roll
7.8 MB MOV
(2nd aileron roll started with the nose too low: note the pull-up necessary at the end.)Video_files/Zlin%20aileron%20rolls,%207.79MB.movhttp://news.google.com/shapeimage_3_link_0

Follow the YouTube links for related wind tunnel and other aviation videos.

T-6 (SNJ) loops

9.7 MB WMV

(Notice the change in pitch rate as the wing stalls. Pitch rate increases at the top of the loop, with help from gravity, but nearly disappears on the back side as the wing goes into buffet. Release some back pressure and pitch rate returns.)

Giles spin tufts

4.5 MB WMV

(Aerobatic wing designed to stall simultaneously along its span.)

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