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Plymouth Airport (KPYM) Plymouth, MA

Office: 421 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02115

(617) 680-8581

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The Upset Recovery and Basic Aerobatics Program is appropriate for pilots of any experience level—private on up—who want the increased safety and confidence gained from unusual-attitude and spin training. Corporate, airline, and government personnel train with Flightlab, as do test pilots from Bombardier Learjet, Hawker Beechcraft, and Cessna Aircraft Company.

What You Will Gain

• A significant increase in your understanding of maneuvering aerodynamics.

• Ability to track characteristic aircraft motion paths during unusual attitudes.

• Inverted-flight experience under real G-forces in a true dynamic environment.

• Control skills necessary to recover from unusual attitudes and energy states.

• Strategies for dealing with control failures.

  1. Enhanced airmanship and safety.

• The program also makes an exceptional Biennial Flight Review.

SIAI Marchetti  N260MA and close friends (click on image)


        Flightlab’s Upset Recovery and Basic Aerobatics Program is one of the most unique courses I have attended since retiring from a career as a military and civilian research and development  pilot for the Dept. of Defense. The ground instruction and flight training were some of the most comprehensive and thoroughly presented I have experienced in 47 years of flying. I was impressed by Mr. Crawford's teaching skills and his in-depth knowledge of aircraft dynamics.

Tom Casagrande
Senior Project Pilot, Airborne Engineering and Evaluation Flight Test,
NAEC Lakehurst, N.J.

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